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24-hours, year-round telemedicine platform that advances cutting-edge and affordable healthcare to any and all patients seeking comfort, privacy, and quality.

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Our Services

Doctor Consultation

Doctor Consultations aims to provide a person with health concerns with remote access to a health care provider


Medication is available, as long as it doesnt need a prescription. Prescription is also acceptable from other Doctors/ Clinics


Telehealth is the delivery of mental healthcare services, where patients and providers are separated by distance.


Consultation through a phone call ensures that the patient receives the right treatment solutions for their conditions

Lab Results

Get your results from the comfort of your own private space, doctors will call you to give you medical results.

Medical Financing

As Doctor on Call, we provide booking services for our clients. Bookings can be made for various services.

We Provide High Quality Services

Visit Us at KB Mall, Bus Rank, Gaborone.

We are a 24-hour year-round telemedicine platform that advances cutting-edge and affordable healthcare to any and all patients seeking comfort, privacy, and quality. We provide direct access to a holistic and competent team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, care-givers, and medical specialists.

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Benefits Of Tele Medicine

To Patients

• 24/7 access to medical services within minutes
• No travel expenses
• Reduced hospital visits
• Privacy/Anonymity
• Reduced risk of contagious illness
• Dual diagnosis that comes at the cost of single visit
• Remote and unrestricted access
• Time saving

To Providers

• Call recording
• Fast-tracked information capturing
• Call Transcription
• Reduced administrative tasks
• Marketing/Advertising for our clients
• All day, everyday call handling and related services
• Remote access to Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
• Free Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
• Reduced cancellations and missed appointments

Meet Our Doctors

Dr Donald Ariisa

Is a seasoned manager with 15 years management experience in multinational SMME and currently one of the largest clinic groups in Botswana. He has proven to be an effective transformational leader with a strong track record in startups that disrupts their markets. He is one the founding members of Loats Investments t/a AO Clinic with the intention to nurture an organization that makes healthcare affordable, flexible and accessible to all. He brings leadership and experience from medical tourism, pharmaceutical, aviation, education and financial industries. His management style focuses on developing and fostering individuals to perform at their best and build effective teams that collaborate in their respective industries. His management philosophy is inspired by the Parable of the Talents “Mathew Chapter 25: 14-30”. MBChB & MBA - Group Medical Director.

Dr. Mogome

He graduated from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, and began his career at Nyangagbwe Referral Hospital. He then continued to serve in Moshupa within the primary health sector and was instrumental in coordinating the district's HIV programme. The young doctor currently plays a pivotal role as part of AO clinic team in delivering holistic, affordable, and quality primary care; and remains passionate, agile, and selfless.

Dr Kamazani Anicet

He holds a degree in medicine and surgery, obtained from the University of Lubumbashi(DRC). He served in several district hospitals within his home country before migrating to Botswana in 2011 and dedicating five years of service to private institutions. The past five years have seen him contribute to the sector as co-founder of AO clinic, with a key mandate of providing holistic care to his patients while ensuring optimal care in minor surgery and common medical conditions.

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  • Unit 26, KB Mall, Bus Rank, Gaborone

  • (+267) 3158101