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Our core mandate is to provide a wide range of physiotherapy services in an environment that ensures holistic care for the client and fosters collaborative practice. Physiotherapy consultations are available through the use of telemedicine (electronic telecommunications). Consultation through a phone call ensures that the patient receives the right treatment solutions for their conditions such as tension headaches and still maintain social distancing during the novel COVID-19 pandemic. The cost of consultation is P150.00 per consultation.

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Frequantly Asked Questions (FAQs)

A session takes 1 hr.
If you are a medical aid patient, you need a referral letter to consult a Physiotherapist. If you do not use medical aid, that is, a cash patient, you can consult a Physiotherapist without a referral letter.
A referral is necessary so that the Physiotherapist knows the needs of the client. In addition, medical aid does not pay the invoice when there is no referral resulting in the client incurring all the costs of the services provided by Physiotherapist.
No, the fees vary according to the treatment plan the client needs and the modalities that will be used.
We offer remote antenatal classes through zoom. There will be 1 session held per week for 6 weeks at a cost of P550.
Physiotherapy staff is equipped to manage covid-19 symptoms especially for respiratory issues. They provide services such as Chest Physio that alleviates any respiratory challenges patients face.
Normal Hours: 08:00 – 22:00hrs
Curfew Hours: 08:00 – 20:00hrs
Booking appointments is available 24/7. Call +267 315 8101 to make an appointment
Cash patients (those who are not using any medical aid) are liable to pay the full consultation fee while medical aid patients are liable to pay the co-payment and VAT. These fees assist in the daily operations of the service providers hence it is imperative that each patient makes payments towards the service provided.
Failure to make payment will result in termination of the intended service.

Payment options include:

1. Wallet Care
If you have a Wallet Care account, inform the Health Assistant. If you don’t have one, consider to open account to ease the settlement of health-related bills. Call 3113877 for more information.

2. Wire Transfer
First National Bank
Account Number: 62856359974
Branch Number: 711

3. FNB Pay2Cell Pay2Cell your consultation fee to +267 74 845 678 Please note that payments are expected before the health care service (consultation) is provided. In addition, send the proof of payment (POP) to +267 71 777 067 for the Health Assistant to confirm payment.