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Doctor Consultations

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In our quest to leverage telecommunication technologies that foster accessible, cost-effective, convenient and quality health care to all, Doctor on Call offers telemedicine Doctor Consultations.
Telemedicine is the use of electronic telecommunication technologies such as phones and video calls to exchange information regarding health between a health care provider and a client. This results in the provision of accessible, quality and cost-effective health care services to the community at large. The aim of Doctor Consultations is to provide a person with health concerns with remote access to a health care provider.
Through the use of electronic telecommunication technologies, calling will save you time and help avoid unnecessary trips to seek health care services. These health care services include doctor consultations to promote health through prevention, early intervention, treatment and management of acute and chronic conditions without physically going to a clinic or hospital This is crucial now at a time we are facing the novel coronavirus that requires social distancing. We want to be your first choice for doctor consultations.

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Doctor Consultations are available 24/7 to anyone with a health concern. CALL +267 315 8101 to access the best health care services wherever you are.

1. Consultations
2. Referrals if necessary
3. Giving laboratory and other test results (book an appointment)
4. Prescription reviews and renewals

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Doctor Consultation Team

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Our Doctor Consultations doctors are fully licensed and credentialed. They will all provide a stellar service in the provision of the best health care through telecommunication.


For your convenience and protection against COVID-19, phone calls are used for Doctor Consultations. However, the doctor providing health care will inform you if video calls are an option for you or when there is need for you to go to a clinic or hospital to receive the best health care service you need.

What To Expect

Upon calling our phone to consult a doctor, there are actions to be executed by the Health Assistant before you can consult. 1. The Health Assistant will require your details to register and create a patient file for you as a new patient on our system if you have never used this service before or to register you on the que if you have consulted here before.
2. Expect a Health Assistant to require a One Time Password (OTP) to verify your identity.
3. Expect to consult the doctor from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.
4. Provide the Doctor with any medical history information that will assist in better health care assessment and provision of the best treatment plan for your condition.
5. The Health Assistant will require consultation payments to be done before consultation occurs.

How To Do Your Part

Step 1

Please inform the Health Assistant if you have any new demographic or medical aid information that has not been captured in the system prior to receiving any required service. Accurate information is vital for patient correspondence.

Step 2

Have your medical aid card ready.

Step 3

Have your phone nearby.

Step 4

Know your family health history.

Step 5

Note down anything you want to discuss during the consultation such as bothersome symptoms, allergies, treatment options etc. to save time spent on consulting.

Step 6

Be prepared to answer questions from the doctor to get a clear understanding of your current situation and to provide an accurate treatment plan.


Cash patients (those who are not using any medical aid) are liable to pay the full consultation fee while medical aid patients are liable to pay the co-payment and VAT. These fees assist in the daily operations of the service providers hence it is imperative that each patient makes payments towards the service provided.

Failure to make payment will result in termination of the intended service.

If you have a Wallet Care account, inform the Health Assistant If you don’t have one, consider to open account to ease the settlement of health-related bills. Call 3113877 for more information.

Pay2Cell your consultation fee to +267 74 845 678 Call +267 315 8101 to get clarity on Doctor Consultation fees. Please note that payments are expected before the health care service (consultation) is provided. In addition, send the proof of payment (POP) to +267 71 777 067 for the Health Assistant to confirm payment.

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Not sure of the type of health care needed for your situation, get Doctor Consultation to save you time and money! CALL +267 315 8101